My Keto Journey

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Before Dec 2017 – After Dec 2018

The photo on the right was taken on the 7th of December 2018.

This is what 12 months of dedication, hard work and sacrifice has done. 21kgs lost (since January 1st 2018), from a size 20 to a size 14.

It’s not just the weight.

It’s my health first and foremost.

It’s my confidence.


Was it easy giving up the carbs and sugar.

Hell no.

Was the DECISION to give up carbs and sugar easy.


I was SICK.

My future was very bleak with out of control T2 diabetes, ballooning weight, despite following the diabetic dietary guidelines for YEARS.

It was time to take control and so many people had been telling me about keto and the HEALTH benefits of going low carb.

But for ME it’s worked.

Have I “cheated” yep!

Do I feel crap after eating carbs now?

YEP lol.

But… sometimes life gets in the way.

So this is me.

I am brave, I am bruised I make no apologies.

This is me.



The thing that motivates you to live a healthier life.

It might be your health, like me.

It might be your kids.

Whatever it is, find it and use it to make the changes you need to get healthy.

It doesn’t have to be keto, or low carb.

But find what works for you and STICK TO IT.

Don’t give up when your weightloss stalls.. that’s a GOOD THING, its giving your body time to catch up and take a breath!


Don’t focus on that stupid number on the scales.


Take photos, measurements and take notice of how your clothes fit better.

Document how you FEEL.

Do you have more energy?

Can you breathe easier?

How’s your skin look?

DOCUMENT IT because there are days I look at myself and I see the before photo staring back at me.

Then I see a comparison photo and I’m like DAYUM GIRL you are SLAYING IT.


It’s hard.

But nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Celebrate your wins and be your own cheerleader!

You’ve got this!

Left September 2017 – Right December 2018

Its time for another update!

28th September 2018.

Monday 1st of October marks 9 months exactly since I started keto.

In that time I’ve lost 17 kgs and over 70 cms in total.

Better still, I’ve reversed my Type 2 diabetes, halved my blood pressure medication and am off all other medications including, heartburn, anti inflammatory and nerve blockers for my back pain.

I am so damned proud of myself and I still have a way to go with my weightloss, but I am happy with my progress.

These photos are 12 months apart, September 2017 and September 2018. I don’t even recognize pink haired self!

The above photos: On the left is the 29th March 2018 and on the right is 26th September 2018. Size 18 to suze 14 (and they’re too big now)

My current weight as of 26th September. 17kgs lost exactly.

Time For an Update!

21st July 2018.

Well here I am 202 days into my Keto journey and a LOT has changed!

I am feeling better than I ever have before and the best thing is I am off my Type 2 diabetes medication and I am in the non-diabetic range for my HbA1c blood tests. PLUS my GP has just halved my blood pressure medication, I’m off heartburn meds and am working on getting off the meds for back pain next!

So far I’ve lost 12.6 kgs (I hate the scales) it doesn’t SEEM like a lot of weight and in the scheme of things it might not be, people I know have lost WAY more in less time than I have. That can be disheartening, but this is MY journey and I have other health issues in play that cause my weight loss to be slower, such as PCOS, Endometriosis and Insulin Resistance… plus my back pain meds can cause weight gain (hindering my losses?) and the depo injections I have to manage my endo also causes weight gain (I really can’t win!)

BUT I have LOST 60 centimeters total in this same time – that’s 23.6 inches! I’ve gone from a size 20 (Australian size) to a size 14. FOUR sizes down (see below)!

So much goodness is happening on the inside for me… weight is just a number and not a true reflection of what’s happening! SO stay away from the scales people they are evil.

What else has changed? My self confidence of course… but I was never really short of that lol. I’ve noticed changes in my skin and hair. I sleep MUCH better, I don’t snore and I get up less through the night to pee. TMI? lol

I’m off to the physio next week to see if I can start exercising now!


This photo was taken on the 14th of July!


This was just 3 months difference! From Left to Right – 29.03.18 (size 18) – 13.04.18 (size 16) – 19.06.18 (Size 15)


Here I am on the 29th June 2018 wearing size 14 (Australian) jeans and feeling pretty proud of myself!


Then… 9th January 2018 and now… 14th July 2018

I said I would … and I did!

Welcome to my Keto Life. Why the Ketogenic Diet for me? A bit of a background first.28872753_10214398015318275_1220354768814168952_n

I am 47 years old, married, no kids and have 2 cats. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2011 and since then I have been trying to keep the wolf from my door. Chronic yo-yo dieter my entire life. Lose weight… put it back on. Try again. Rinse and Repeat for my entire adult life.

Despite my best efforts at staying off diabetic medication, last year my body stopped cooperating and decided that it was quite literally going to shit itself. NOPE I AM NOT PLAYING THE GAME ANY MORE it said. So nothing I had been doing in the past was working. I had been following the Diabetic guidelines for years, eating Low GI foods, trying to exercise… well no not really I’m too lazy to exercise lol.

Little did I know that the guidelines I was following were actually making matters worse! Controversial I know! BUT in 2017 things stopped working. I think stress and grief actually played a huge part in my body deciding it was going to systematically start shutting down. You see, my mother died. She was my world. She had Alzheimer’s and I, along with my husband Jamie were her primary carers for 5 long years.

Grief does terrible things to you. But that’s a whole other blog! Long story short in 2017 what I was doing before stopped working and I was getting sicker, I was putting on so much weight. I was feeling just awful, like really, really bad. Dr Google said I was dying of various illnesses lol. I had been very lax in checking my blood glucose levels because I was doing everything right, right? Following guidelines, toeing the diabetic line. But little did I know that my glucose levels were out of control.

I decided one day “Hey, maybe I should check my levels see what’s going on there” and I was aghast… yes aghast! My fasting glucose was in double figures at 10 point something. My through the day readings were also way higher than they had ever been, up in the 8’s and 9’s. I thought well shit, maybe I should go and see a Dr about this! So I did. My new Dr was also aghast (That’s such a great word) and decided that we needed to get on some whip cracking diabetes meds quick smart to fix it. I resisted and BEGGED for a few weeks to see if I could whip myself back into shape…. yes, I really thought I could reverse all that damage in a couple of weeks by really, changing not a damned thing!

Anywho, after 2 weeks of really trying, no really, I did try! My Dr said, “I can’t leave you with levels this high so you’re going on Metformin” ~insert really dramatic sigh here~ FINE! But I won’t be on it for long! I will find a way to get OFF it again. Mark my words! So began my Metformin journey for close to 12 months.


It did not “as its been claimed” aid in my weight loss. It did not “as its been claimed” lower my fasting glucose levels. It did not “as its been claimed” lower any of my glucose readings. It did nothing, nada, zip, zilch and SFA!

Now, I work for a really great guy and his name is Ben. Ben had been talking to me for YEARS about his keto diet and bullet proof coffee and how awesome it all was. Butter in my coffee? No thanks… even though I don’t even drink coffee but no just ewww, no! But, he persisted. Every time I was sick or whinging about how awful I felt all the time, he suggested keto and not in a preachy way, it was coming from a good place, a genuine place. He wanted me to be well. He wanted me to be healthy. Maybe for selfish reasons because I am the best admin woman he’s ever known, I’m a freaking admin genius man!

SO after nearly 12 months of desperately trying to get my FG levels down to a normal level and feeling SO ill and fed up and disillusioned, why wasn’t Metformin working like the miracle drug it was supposed to be? I decided really spur of the moment that I was going to “Give it a go” and “What have I got to lose?”


On January 1st 2018, I started. I had done some research on Google. I had joined a few Facebook groups. I thought yeah, I can do this.


Since I started I have lost 9.1 kgs I have lost 42 cms in measurements but the most important measurements are my blood test results. In just the first 6 weeks (after my first round of blood tests including Fasting Glucose and hBa1c) my FG went from 9.5 to 7.5. and my hBa1c was around 6.7 from memory. THEN a few days ago I had another round of blood tests and my FG was 6.0 and my hBa1c was 5.6 and I heard the glorious words that I had been waiting for from my GP. You can stop taking the Metformin and if your results are still this good in six months you can say you’ve cured yourself of Type 2 diabetes. (Some say that T2 Diabetes can’t be cured and you just go into remission… but I disagree. I have no medical basis for that its just my opinion)

So there’s my story in the short form lol.

I said I would and so I did.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Fit and Fabulous!

It’s been as while since I posted an update, so here it is!

October 2017 on the left and April 30 2019 on the right.

From granny to gorgeous!
From being old before my time, ill and in pain…
To being fit and fabulous and looking younger and feeling better than I ever have!
I will never stop posting progress photos because I am so freaking proud of myself.
17 months Keto strong and never quitting.
I’ve never stuck with any “diet” this long.
I’ve been told it’s not sustainable…. that it’s a fad… that it’s not healthy.
I am living proof that Keto works… that it IS sustainable… my doctor is on board and astounded at my results.
It’s not just about weight loss… if that’s all it’s about then you’re set up to fail. You need to want to be HEALTHY first. I was healthier with in weeks of starting Keto… well before I lost the weight. The weight loss is a happy side effect.

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