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Hemp Share Bread

Meal Prep – ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Number of ingredients  – 7 

I had to go and buy Nigella seeds and Hemp Seeds but it was WORTH IT – note I forgot to add the salt to this photo lol

Making the Recipe – ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This recipe is seriously so easy and just how I love it, one bowl and a spoon LOL no complicated directions or hard to understand jargon, just easy and simple instructions!

Step one – all you need is a microwave!
Step 2 – All gooey from the microwave
Step 3
Step 4 add the egg!

Cooking Method 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Seriously so quick and easy!

Roll it out between two sheets of baking paper and add those amazing Nigella seeds and salt – note I forgot to buy salt flakes, so I just used my salt grinder to season it. It didn’t affect the taste!

Into the oven and its only 10 or so minutes and its DONE! So quick! Which is great because I couldn’t wait to EAT IT lol.
Straight outta the oven! It smells divine.
How amazing would it be to share this with friends as the name suggests… or coming in at only 12g of carbs for the whole thing, you could just eat it all yourself lol

Taste – how does it stack up?

The Claim 

“Recipes mostly exclusive to this eBook only Fresh & Easy Keto is packed with 42 recipes that you and your family will love.”

Will we? Will we REALLY love it? 

Considering I couldn’t even wait until it had cooled down to try it…. I would say YES…. yes we WILL love it! OMG this is the most amazing taste sensation, I’ve never had Nigella seeds before and WOW WOW WOW, I can’t even really describe what they taste like… definitely not nutty like some other seeds, more spicy, but not hot spice. Definitely very aromatic!

I am REALLY impressed with this recipe and will be making it over and over again!
So deliciously fluffy!

This is my first ever keto recipe book that I’ve purchased, normally I find recipes to make online, because lets face it, there are a LOT of free recipes on the net, Megan Ellam at Mad Creations Hub has 100’s of free recipes on the website, which is I have to say my favourite recipe site.

When I saw other people sharing their photos of this Hemp Share Bread I knew the only way I was going to get the recipe was to buy Megan’s e-book so I did and man was it worth it, just for this one recipe!

BUT it doesn’t stop there the Fresh and Easy E-Book is filled with delicious keto and low carb recipes to try! AH-MAZING VALUE!

You can find more of Megan’s recipes on the Mad Creations Hub website and to find THIS recipe you will need to purchase the Fresh and Easy E-Book – follow the link below to find it!

OH and Megan has AFTERPAY! Woohoo!

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