What is Keto?

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What is the Ketogenic Diet?

There is a wealth of information on Keto on the internet, but it can be a minefield and some sites are quite technical and WAY over my head. So rather than me bumbling through a very basic explanation I will point you in the right direction for a variety of websites I have found very helpful so far in my journey. You don’t have to spend money to live the keto life – apart from food of course – I’ve been going for 4 months now, in my 5th month currently and I’ve not subscribed to anything, purchased any special “keto” foods or supplements or bought a recipe book. I prefer to spend my money on the best quality wholefoods I can afford and reaping the rewards!

Diet Doctor – https://www.dietdoctor.com/

I have found the Diet Doctor Website to be very informative with easy to understand explanations and a wealth of recipes and meal plans. He also encompasses the Low Carb High Fat way of eating which is very similar to Keto, but allows you to consume more carbs per day than keto allows.

Diet Dr does have a subscription service which is fantastic and is around $9/mth AU but he does have a free 2 week meal plan to get you started along with shopping lists and suggestions. There’s plenty of videos as well, if you’re starting out it would be well worth the small fee.

Ditch the Carbs – https://www.ditchthecarbs.com/

The Ditch The Carbs  website is also a wealth of information and encompasses a large selection of the different low carb life styles, including keto and paleo. This is one of my favourite websites for recipes and meal inspiration. Ditch the Carbs always provides a good run down of the recipe and ingredient alternatives to allow for food allergies or substitutions.

Ditch The Carbs is free – but they do have a shop where you can buy books and meal plans if you like a more structured approach to eating.

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